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A small selection of the flies that will be tied in the salmon group led by Pete Bramwell. From left to right, Cascade Shrimp                                           Owenmore Shrimp, Stinchar Flamethrower.

Cascade Shrimp Owenmore Shrimp Stinchar Flamethrower


A fun filled summer.

 As summer has drawn to an end, I think its fair to say that on reflection its been a quite a busy one for the Lakeland Fly Dressers.

 In May we had the Jean French competition, followed by the Dry Fly competition in June which we are pleased that both had a good turn out.

 In August John McGorrigan and Aimee Kitching attended the Lowther Game and Country Fair in a bid to recruit new members for the season ahead. This was a great weekend for the club despite the showery Saturday ! John and Aimee spent the weekend tying, catching up with familiar faces, meeting new people and sharing the love for the club. This was probably the best show for us with it being fairly local resulting in plenty of interest from both men and woman of all different ages.


In September John Mcgorrigan, Peter Bramwell and Aimee Kitching attended the Lancashire Game and Country Festival, again in a bid to recruit new members.A very cold, wet, windy and muddy weekend is probably and understatment and we nearly lost the tent at the end of Sunday but despite the awful weather conditions there was a good turn out and we also managed spark some interest thank goodness !



We have now received a few emails of interested from members of the public that attended both these shows, attending shows is a great way to promote the club, so we are hoping to do the same again next year !

In recent weeks the club also had the privilege of having Phillip Bailey, an innovative Aussie fly tyer living in Yorkshire, joining us to give a fantastic demonstration evening. Philip tied some great flies showing a

diversity of Material and techniques.

  19959141_1602524009778353_7317139141832190366_n 19959261_1602524006445020_5107706679724338985_n      stoneflypb3

 A great evening had by all and it was fantastic to see such a good turn out as this this something we are looking to do more often !

 So all in all its been quite a busy summer and we’re very looking forward to seeing some new faces in January.

 A massive thank you to the everyone that organised and turned out to the fishing competitions, to Phillip Bailey for giving up his time to share his skills with us, to Mark Gillow for the set up to enable the demo night, and finally to John McGorrigan, Peter Bramwell and Aimee Kitching for setting time aside to attend both shows. The club cannot describe how grateful we are to everyone who has pulled out the stops to enable these events to go ahead.

 Fly Tying classes start back in January, but if you’re a current member there is a few dates for various events for your diary, so please take a look at Septembers Flylines and we’ll hopefully we’ll see some of you at them.

 For any membership enquires please contact John McGorrigan at


McHardys of Carlisle

I have confirmed the following with McHardys today

They have shut the shop during the week , but will be open on Saturdays only.

The website and online shop will remain open for the foreseeable future. They are still taking orders and delivering them.


My thanks to Paul Little for sharing his article for the FDG website
“Spring Olives”
(Paul Little, November 2016)

1. The Gold head Olive nymph

• Represents the nymph stage in the insects life cycle
• Used for fishing deep or in fast flowing water
• A popular fly for the “Chezh nymphing” technique for Grayling
• Can be dressed with either tungsten or brass beads depending on water depth and sink rate required

2. The Olive Spider

▪ Represents the nymph stage in the insects life cycle
▪ Used for fishing deep streamy water, riffles etc.
▪ Can be fished just under the surface when the olives are hatching
▪ Various materials may be used for the body; Goose herl, Turkey biots,
▪ Pearsall’s silk.

3. The Olive Dun

• Represents the dun or sub-imago (first adult stage) of the insect
• Used when the olive duns are hatching
• Sits in the surface film; there is no hackle keeping the fly afloat
• Can also be dressed with a single wing


1. The Gold head Olive nymph

Hook:​Size 14 (Kamasan B120 has the ideal shank length)
Tail:​Guinea Fowl fibres dyed yellow
Body: ​Cock Pheasant centre tail dyed yellow
Rib:​Gold wire
Thorax: ​Olive Ice dub
Head:​Gold brass or tungsten bead

The Olive Spider

Hook:​​Size 14 Partridge SLD2 or similar
Body: ​Olive tying silk
Rib:​​Gold wire
Hackle: ​Greenwell’s hen hackle


IMG_0188                                         (Side view)

The Olive Dun

Hook:​Size 14 Partridge SLD2
Tail:​Blue Dun cock hackle fibres
Body: ​Fine olive dubbing (Superfine etc.)
Thorax: ​Grey Squirrel
Wing:​Grey poly yarn or similar

IMG_0187                                         (Front view)



Congratulations to:

Terry Chippendale

Terry won three prizes in the Fly Dressers Guild Fly tying competition in the following classes:

 Open Trout,

Open Salmon,

Prize winner Salmon

And also to 

Gary Wilkinson

In a bid to dominate this page, Gary managed to get an appearance in the November edition of Trout and Salmon’s catch of the month with a superb salmon caught from the Lune


Gary Wilkinson – Christmas Island

Gary kindly sent me those photos of fly fishing on Steroids – WOW!!!

P1020006 P1010995 P1010985 P1010955 P1010954 P1010949 P1010915 P1010882 P1010881 P1010860 P1010828 P1010821 P1010813 P1010686 P1010684 P1010657 P1010637 P1010614 P1010590 P1010576



Lakeland Flydressers Annual Competition winners

An excellent evening was had by all that attended with an excellent buffet and raffle. Thanks to all that attended.

The winner of tterry chippendale muddlerhe Open Competition was Terry Chippendale

with his Muddler Minnow pictured left


greenwells glory f bainbridge




                                                                                                           The winner of the Dry Fly Competition was Frank Bainbridge  with his split wing Greenwell’s Glory pictured on the right



The winner of the Novice category was Simon Thompson

Below are some of the other flies entered


open 6th open 4th open 3rd dry fly winner dry fly third place dry fly e dry fly d dry fly c dry fly b DRY fly a blae and black black pennell


The winners of the fly fishing competitions were:

Ken Gillow for the Dry Fly competition and

Paul Little for the Jean French Trophy


Is this the first salmon of the season?

Simon Thompson  – I had a salmon from the Ribble on Saturday on a size 12 Allys Shrimp.

According to most of the length to weight charts out there it was around 14lbs. As it was prior to June 16th it had to go back, so unfortunately I couldn’t get a bread board photo for you!!!

You’ll have to make do with me knelt in the river



Hot News – Fly Fishing and Fly Tying League 2015 Final positions

We have another member featuring in the top 40 in the FFFT leagues this year. When I had time to peruse the full listing, I discovered that our very own Jim Miller, finished in 40th place.

What about an all out Cumbrian assault on the leagues next year?

Troutline based in Romania specialises in Hends and other cutting edge fly tying materials and sponsors Lucien Vasies . You can check Lucien creations at or via his Facebook page.

I have contacted them to arrange a club discount of 12% AND FREE SHIPPING. In order to qualify we need to create an order for €200 . Anybody interested in buying from the website contact me and I will try to amalgamate the orders to get the benefits.

Fly tying and fly fishing books, materials and equipment for sale

I have been contacted by Howard Bee,the son in law of Eric Ross of Preston. Eric used to be a regular on the Lune  fishing  for salmon and Sea trout and also fished on the Kent.  He also taught fly tying.

The family are organising the sale of his books, equipment and tying equipment and materials.   I have just recieved the lists of various items and the lists are published below.

Please contact Howard directly on 01772 469770 if you are interested.

fishing tackle intro and misc items     Fishing books     materials     fishing twine, tinsel, odds    Feathers


Anyone for a fly tying demo?

I have been contacted by a care home in Kendal. Apparently one of the residents was pretty good at tying , but cannot tie any more. He has enthused some of the other residents to a point where the Care Home manager has contacted me to see if we could get some one to do a tying demo either during a weekday evening or on a weekend. If interested please contact me in the first Instance.

Fly Fishing and Fly Tying League 2015 Final positions

A big congratulations to two of our members who have done extremely well  in the FFFT tying leagues.

Terry Chippendale has stayed in the top 10 throughout the  exceedingly high quality open competition and finished in 7th place, whilst Sam Doidge who lead the novice competition for the first two rounds finished in third place.

Fly Fishing and Fly Tying League 2015 Round 2

A big congratulations to two of our members who are doing well in the FFFT tying leagues.

Terry Chippendale has stayed in the top 10 in the exceedingly high quality open competition, Whilst Sam Doidge continues to lead the novice competition


First of the season

And is if doing well in the FFT leagues wasn’t enough for Terry, he has also had a great start to the season and sent me this Message:

Hello everyone , I caught this brown trout today on the river on a peeping caddis which we tied in one of Dan Atkinson’s classes this year.

A few more were released up to about 3/4 pound on this fly and snipe and purple on dropper. The fish below weighed 2  1/2 lb .



Fly Tying Classes 2015

The Classes have finished for 2015 and a great big thank you  from all the members to all the instructors who have parted with their considerable knowledge over the last 8 weeks of classes .


The Fly Tying Classes for 2015 commenced on 7 January and despite a very wet and wild evening almost 30 tyers arrived to enjoy the evening. Paul Little was busy demonstrating and teaching the Pearly Invicta, Dan Atkinson was showing some of his favourite river patterns and in particular the Olive Paradun and CDC Dun which were well received by his group and Frank Bainbridge was busy with his beginners class tying the Black Spider and Partridge & Orange.

event-01  event-02  event-03  event-04

Bob Carlson has supplied some helpful hints and tips to think about during the closed season – see fishing tips.

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